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Encounter Ear Stud Ear Bone Clip Tipsy

Encounter Ear Stud Ear Bone Clip Tipsy

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Material: Brass gold-plated,nickel-free
Stones:red/ white/green zirconia stones
Color: White gold
Size: 40*16mm
Shop ltem: EK221003

All our products are handcrafted.
Care instructions: avoid contact with liquids (water, perfume, beauty products…), wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Maintenance tips

1. Avoid contact with daily chemical products. Do not wear it when taking a shower to avoid chemical reaction with soap, shower gel, shampoo, cosmetics, etc.
2. Avoid collision or squeezing to avoid deformation or breakage. Take it off when sleeping, exercising, or cooking.
3. Avoid high temperature or exposure to the sun to avoid unnecessary fading and other problems.
4. Different types of jewelry have different hardnesses and should be placed separately to avoid wear and tear on each other.

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