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Wine bead necklace

Wine bead necklace

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As the 70s-era cocktail salons kicked off the modern era of sound and color, the music, cocktails, and installations that came out of the drunk-on-the-move, as the crowd swirled and clashed, were sources of inspiration for the series. The new cocktail salon range is filled with vibrant color tones that shape Megalopolis's tipsy moments in an irregular, wobbly, mixed format. Flowing scattered metal form freeze-frame cocktail swaying moment, with bright gems. Mapping the elegant and wild atmosphere, with chaotic and romantic tipsy scene as a carrier to shape the entire series.

Material: Brass gold-plated,nickel-free
Stones:yellow/green zirconia stones
Color: White gold
Size: 450mm
Shop ltem: EK221010

All our products are handcrafted.
Care instructions: avoid contact with liquids (water, perfume, beauty products…), wipe dry with a soft cloth.
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